Saturday, October 13, 2012

Those Stars are like a Rainbow

It is a simple group of seven stars. I remember the first time I found them. It was the night after that elementary school lesson about the "great, wide and unsearchable universe". Accomplishment. Joy. Pride. That's what I felt as I gazed up at the night sky. I felt like a grown up.

In high school I would learn more about this constellation. Throughout those years whenever I came home from coffee with the youth, or a late church service, I would stop and look. In my skirt, by my still closed garage, I would stand there in the darkness. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my sister. Just looking.

This summer I found myself halfway around the world, in Buryatia, Russia. Before crawling into the tent, or during a camp fire, I would look up. Finding that group of stars became something incredible. Sometimes all I needed was a glance, "this is the same big dipper in Rochester..." I would think.

The same stars can be located no matter the season, year or location.
 They remind me of God. Through them He gently says:
"Diana, I am the same forever and always."     
"I watch over those beautiful children in Russia."
"I am like that ladle, constantly pouring out my love for humankind."

So as I drove home last night, I saw the big dipper again.
I'm like Moses and the stars are like a rainbow.
God's voice proclaims His promise:
"I will not leave you, I love you abundantly, I am never ending, I am the great I AM."

The Big Dipper.