Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Those In the Valley

Why are you in this place? You do not understand.
  Waking up has become a chore. You feel like you are being crushed by a load.
Each day gets heavier and harder. Frankly, you do not know why.
  You cannot explain this simple state of drudgery. The valley is dark and lonely.
Your thoughts are constantly swirling round and round, you are lost in them.
 Peace does not exist. You turn off the music, but then the silence proves to be even louder.
  You think: Where do I stand? Where is my Savior?

My Child. That is who you are. My child. Formed by My hands. The breath of My life is in you. Remember the mountaintop where I showed you My glory? We grew as one, our hearts beat in unison. You saw My power. That is why you are now in the valley. I have lovingly placed you here. I desire to explain the vision to you, and I can only do this here. This is where your faithfulness is revealed. This is where I show you your true worth as My child.

Love, your Father.