Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Torture, oh Torture!

Torture, oh torture!
Inside and out
My blood has been spilled
On the ground all about
No pain can compare
To the ache that I feel
My wounds are too deep,
They won't ever heal.

Torture, oh torture!
I gave you My heart
You threw it away
You tore it apart
Pretending that I
Was worth nothing to you
You treasured the old
And cast out the new.

Torture, oh torture!
I wanted to heal
You fled from My care
You wanted to steal
I mourned for My loss
I cried out your name
You left Me alone
With nothing but shame.

Torture, oh torture!
I offered you grace
You laughed at my tears
You spit in My face
They shouted and cheered
You joined in the throng
They wanted Me dead
You joined in the wrong.

And still My heart cried out to you.

Torture, oh torture!
My vision goes black
These nails bite My wrists
This cross burns My back
If only you knew
The truth of it then
If only for you I'd go through it again.

Thank you Myron Vasilik, for allowing me to share this poem.