Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life Continues

Hello friends! I need a break from my books, therefore I shall share the details of my life. Hence, the title of my blog: A Blog About Life :)

My books... So much fun. I actually love Bio lecture! My professor is really cool! And I get to spend an entire fifty minutes sitting next to Dasha and Mike. I'm looking forward to the Nursing Program with Dasha, we work together really well, with minimal distractions (usually I distract her somehow, but only once in a while). We are kinda nerds.

Here is Lesya and the "hot" picture. We sang a song on Friday at church and Lesya did a great job on piano, she's so talented!

I started this morning doing the hair of four wonderful ladies! It was a practice for the wedding coming up in November. These girls were wonderful :) Even though we ran about 20 minutes late from what I planned, they were so sweet! It was just fun to talk to them and be together for a few hours!

                                                                    Here is Lera :)

                           Irina Y :) I LOVE the lighting of this picture! It accentuates her beauty.

                                                           Irina K! (in the corner, LOL)

                                                        Here is the back-- Elegant yet flirty!

                                                        It has been a good past few days!
                                                                 Thanks for reading!