Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Week, Today, Tomorrow

Last Week: 
 After Thanksgiving service. When I look at this picture, I think of how much I love our church! This house of prayer is my home!


After the wedding, I had a guest over my house! Cute Suzie! She is such a sweetheart... She was my coloring assistant and cookie assistant. We made these cookies for Sunday school tomorrow morning, and for Coffee House as well. They are pretty yummy :)

My plans for Sunday School.

Tenth Avenue North Concert (with Third Day)! Yay! Artist circle tickets. I'm looking forward to chillin with Tanya and Alesya-- Two of the greatest christian music lovers I know.

Until then, I must dive back into my large packet of  Anatomy power points...
Nervous System here I go (again.)

Oh and by the way, today my childhood best friend, Yuliya Sidorchuck is now married! It's so interesting to look back and remember our numerous, long last chats on the phone concerning our dreams of marriage... And here she is. That's done on her checklist of thing to do in life.
And it reminds me, God has His intricate plan for me written out, and for you too friend!
May His will be done in your life!