Saturday, October 8, 2011


College is fun! But... a lot of work as well. Can you believe we are already more than 1/3 through the semester? Monday starts week 6 of 15! Unlike in high school, where no such thing as "studying" existed, studying is a huge part of college! I study for anatomy ALOT. But how do you memorize a million different words that all sound the same?! I think of stupid things to make me remember... For example I think of corn, loaves, grain, spinach and basil when looking at the layers of epidermis (strata cornium, strata lucidum, strata granulosa, strata spinulosa and strata bastale). The dumber, the better. Haha honestly it's fun. Here is a typical picture of my bed:

"When studying, one must always have a reward." -Me.

In this picture not only do I have the privilege of cuddling with Horhe, my humble one-eared magical pillowpet as a reward, I get a yummy banana!