Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm having a pleasant day. It's quite nice. Here is what I've been up to this week:

This is my statistics project... about ABlogAboutLife! Haha. I made random stuff up. Burgess shall never know. Lol. (Burgess is my professors name). Wow wouldn't it be scary if she actually went on my blog because all the information/website URL is in there. That would be quite the "situation" as Lesya would say...

Chipolte with Julie. YUMM. I left my leftover tortilla bowl in Alesya's car. Please Alesya, I hope it is still not in there! We had a blast, which is expected if you chill with Julie.

He just loves himself, look at how he is staring at this video! Tanya and I tried to teach Pushok how to text, but I'm afraid this task may be almost as hard as teaching Mama how to send text messages.

Speaking of Mama texting, I was reading over the text messages my mom has sent me over the weeks (yes it took dedication, but we taught her how to do it), anyway I was reading them during Psych lecture and had to contain myself here are a few: (I will not correct the spelling)

September 22
Me: Good job!!
Mom: God gob for what?

September 23
Mom: Andrey sant samthing on you imail can you chak it
translation: Andrey sent you something on your email, can you check it?

October 6
Mom: Tamara nid to now if you find girls for sunday
LOL sounds so weird! Ok Tamara is my aunt and she had me find girls to help sell pirozki in church.

October 11
Mom: Are you going to halp me cut a grass?
I think at this point her spelling has gotten much better!

October 17
Mom: You forget a book
I had a random book left on the table

October 18
Mom: Whaw babushka?
I was with my grandma at the hospital

--> Coall me
--> Weare you ?
--> Ocay
--> Yes its for free

Whenever you feel down, text your mama.