Saturday, October 15, 2011


So a few days ago I had to go to an appointment for a re-treatment of a root canal. Oh joy, the first one didn't work out, so I had to have a redo. I was pumping with excitement... not. But wow that office was gorgeous. It was my first time there and oh did I feel like a superstar in there... elegant paintings, expensive couches. A lady even took my book bag and scarf to hang up. She even offered me something to drink. I asked for water and to my surprise she asked me at what temperature I would like my water to be at. I tried to casually say..."Uhh. Cold". Lol. It was weird. I think I may have had too much coffee or something that day... Wait, I didn't have coffee that day. I guess I was simply on my typical weirdness equilibrium. So when we finally got to the part where they treat my tooth, the dentist put on blue plastic sheet where my tooth was, and then they hand me glasses. Not just glasses... Sunglasses. I just looked at them, mouth agape with blue plastic in my mouth... I guess I just stared because they told me to put them on. I obeyed. I also must have looked confused so the dentist explained that the sunglasses are to keep me comfortable when the light shines into my eyes. They finally got to working on my tooth and then I began to imagine myself. Blue plastic in mouth, dentist man, and the sunglasses resting on my face. It was simply too much for me to handle. I almost started to laugh, but I was seriously afraid they would mess up my tooth so I was holding it all in. I tried so hard not to think about how freaky I must have looked from the outside. But the more you try not to think of something, the harder it is to not think of it. Thank the Lord, I did not laugh. It was quite challenging. So that's it. I just wanted to share with you this moment. I now feel quite relieved I may freely laugh out loud about it without the fear of gaining an unneeded extra root to my molar.