Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Wanna Forget

Youth camp this year was blessed!! Last night after youth, I just sat down and thought about the weekend and wrote down a list of memories I don't wanna forget. Here it is:

-New Beginnings: we discussed the meaning of this phrase in my morning group meeting and we discovered how immense and wonderful the new beginnings are! They mean hope, a fresh slate, even when you feel you don't deserve it; God is a God of second chances!

-Boat rides are awesome.

-God works in His own ways: It was His plan to bring Utica and Rochester together!

-Speed Courtship: Oy oy oy, lol. Hot room, loud, funny, mouth hurts from smiling, semi-awkward moments, I had a nice puzzle to concentrate on just in case we had nothing to say to each other, the one question I remember most: If I could be an animal in the wild, what would I be? I would be a bird. I just want to fly, I don't think I'm a bird-like person or have a bird-like personality, I just wanna fly. Oh and I found my soul mate, therefore I had to turn down a different proposal. Overall I had the best time with Myron, I never really talked to him before, but he's younger and fun to joke with and he's just a cute little cutie.

-Be content.

-Not Sleeping 101: Everything becomes a blur, and you end up saying weird things. For example instead of saying "Breakfast is in a few hours" one could end up saying "Lunch is in a few minutes". True story.

-Watching the sunrise.

-Talk with Irina by the water: I got to be a listener and an advise giver. It's a wonderful thing when a friend comes even closer to your heart and pours out their soul without fear! It was just a beautiful conversation that I will never forget. I love you Irina and I'm praying for you and your future, pray for mine as well! :)

- It's okay to get out of your little comfy circle of friends and expand your horizons.

-Take chances.

-Hills are pain, until you get used to them. Well that's what I heard, cuz I did not get used to no hills!!

-Gel Pen: Pink, sparkly, doodle. Fun. Hearts and homemade constellations.

-Being a team leader... REDEMPTION!

-"I walk head down, I pass by you everyday, I am an outcast. A reject..." My line to the skit we helped out in.

-Salo over the fire.

-Lesya's new found British accent getting stronger and stronger by each line, haha.

-His will, my will. His heart, my heart.

-Simply Jesus, Only Jesus, Just Jesus.

Looking back and comparing last year and this year would be pretty easy. Last year, we were the "Chosen Generation", but guess what? It was a new year with "New Beginnings"! One may think last year was more spiritual, and I actually thought that until the last day of camp when God's blessings poured out on us! The one thing that touched me so much was that I am to simply dwell on Jesus, simply Him and nothing else. It may seem like a topic aside from new beginnings, but to me Jesus is the beginning. He's everything. Just Jesus, simply Jesus and only Jesus.