Monday, August 22, 2011


Here I am :) I sit on the balcony of our little island (I like to call it an is-land). We started today off with a bible study (for those who were awake), just as I wanted. Ah but sometimes, when I read the Bible, I just get a little taste and I simply want more!
 So what can I say? From this trip with nine other girls, I have learned so much about everyone... More that I could have learned in years of standing in a circle after church and chatting! I feel like you learn the most about a friend when you live with them, when you go through stressful situations with them, and just see how they live life on a daily basis! I'm tempted to write a character profile for each girl, but how could I when I'm only two days into this adventure and I have yet to learn so much more?
 Honestly I'm having the time of my life here, but I find myself thinking of Rochester. Why?? Haha, I guess Rochester has stolen a little part of my heart. I'm branded. Woohoo. I don't love home because of the amazing geography or weather, I love it because of my wonderful friends, family and church! I just love you all and want to send my readers a heartfelt greeting, no matter where you live :) Bye Bye for now!