Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lets Rewind...

2005... I was twelve years old, striving to find my identity. Here is a silly but thought provoking diary entry I wrote on September 15th, it was the beginning of my first middle school year.


"OMGness I feel so good, or is it bad? IDK but I feel like I know something that was like a mystery to me.
Ok there is this SOOOO  SOOOOO cute boy in my health class and he's next to my locker (yaya!). His name I think is Josh but he doesn't seem obnoxious at all. Is that possible for someone that good looking? Lol, he's nothing like Tommy the weirdo 'popular' mean kid from last year. He seems SHY, OMG is that possible??? So I think I figured out why!!! In health he raised his and and for like the first time this year, so I was surprised. He was like "YYYesterday wwwe wennt ttto footbbbball practace" I felt so weird. IDK it was weird to see a cute guy like stutter like that but its soo cute! he he he he he he he he"  

Congratulations, if you are still reading, your survived entering my former twelve year old brain :D