Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Water Baptism

July 31st marks the day of my water baptism... I will never forget those words which still ring in my ears:
"Continue being immersed in Jesus Christ." This song by the Gaither Band is my theme song for that weekend.

I stepped into the lake,
Sank my toes in the sand...

There was something about the water
There is power in the blood!

The preacher man took me under
Beneath that cleansing flood
For the first time in my life, I felt clean...
The past has tried to haunt me, but now I'm clean.

Oh the blood of Jesus
that washes me white and clean!
"...this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also—not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a good conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ..."
                                                                                                                            1 Peter 3:21