Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Is This?

Hi Friends :) I miss you all! Especially my blogging buddy Lesya... I feel ready to just chill indoors for now, in the air conditioned room, so perfect timing to tell you whats up with Florida :)

Almost the entire crew. Few words that come to mind: Beautiful, fun-loving; team awesome.

And since I have received a small number of requests to show each beautiful girl individually...

  Wowie, now this is one smart chick. You can see the confidence in her eyes, just look at 'er! She is passionate for Jesus, staying organized, and being on time. You can call her Ninja Sharktooth if you wish, or just Ira. Ira is always there if you need her and is always on the top of her game.

 When I think of Tanya, I see this face. Mouth agape (ever since childhood she's been smiling like a loony) and eyes sparkling. She loves praying, reading the Bible and inspiring others. I am comfortable in all ways around her, she's my bestie. She is known for her striking eyes and compatible personality. Ninja freak!!

Inna. She is all around amazing. Some words: Sweetie, model, beautiful inside and out. I love how you can just go up to her and pick her up for a hug! She's a cutie and is simply just Inna. She loves shopping and adores her job as a nurse. Memorable moment: Her idea to make a fashion show in the hotel hallway on a rainy night. Inna is a cute little cutie!

Look here it's another intelligent beautiful young woman! Alesya, she is easy to laugh with and I absolutely love her laugh. I wish I could record it and show you. Haha. What I love about her is that she is comfortable in the beautiful skin she's in, rock on Ninja Brownie Sundae!!

If you could describe Nat in one word is would be Sweetheart!! She is the girl who will do anything to help you, if no one else wants to help, she would volunteer. She is always the one to laugh at my dumb jokes, even when no one else thinks I'm funny. She is a beauty, but is so humble! She's just an amazing young woman who has a great future ahead of her.

Anna, she is the girl who never ceases to surprise you! Well before this trip I didn't know her too well, now I see that she's pretty much a model, lol. She is sweet in all ways, and she loves to have fun and relax. She loves her roasted almonds and long showers :P

Who is this? Oh la la, it's Katarina! She can rock the catwalk any day of the week, her natural beauty evident always. She also loves to laugh and is super silly at times. Quote I shall never forget: "I'll tickle you until your paralyzed!" She may look sweet, but she's got a dangerous spark in her :P I'm so glad I got to know her better during this trip, and am looking forward to more fun times!

Juliet... The one whom I adore :) I love joking around with her, I know she is willing to be silly and crazy any time of the day (except when she's sleeping like a rock). Juliet is tall and fresh. She loves her white robe and being a DJ, it takes legit skill to spend as much time as possible in robe! She is hilarious and just reminds me of all my other crazy cousins! (In a good way).

Who am I? I don't know, you tell me! Just kidding. Fun fact: I love being a listener... I am an undercover  ninja and high couture fashion designer, video recorder and photographer. I am Ninja Captain Snickerdoodle. I am passionate about Christ and just want to be nice to others. I'm simple and sick of talking about myself :) 

Ok my eyes and fingers hurt. Catch ya later alligator!