Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God's Promises: Day VII

Scripture: Exodus 14:14

Quick story: I was about to post this earlier today, but my computer was freezing up and wouldn't let me post. I see now what God's plan was. I wasn't ready to post this until now, a few hours later.

Recently I've been feeling like I can't fight anymore. 
I cannot. There is so much beauty in that statement: I cannot.
And thinking about this today... God's love also cannot. In a different way.
His love cannot give up on me. He cannot fail me. His grace cannot run out on me.
And I was driving home from Tim Horton's and I just seemed not to have any words for God.
That's when a song played on the radio. It started like this: "Finding myself at a loss for words. But the funny thing is, it's okay." I like when God works like that. Just be still.