Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Saturday Morning

     Growing up, Saturday morning was strictly cartoon time. My eyes would feast upon the screen and I would take it in with glee. By the time I gave my heart to Jesus, I began to use this time to dive into the Word. Saturday was transformed into God seeking morning (and cleaning duty afterwards of course).
     Now I'm almost 20 and I forgot about those days of feasting in God's love on this special day. Yes, I spend time in the Word, but not like the old times. My thick, note-filled, underlined, writing in margin, highlighted Bible has been gathering dust. Why? Because I've been using my Bible app to read. I still make cyber-highlights and bookmarks. Problem: it is not the same.
     I forgot about the feeling of the super thin paper between my fingers. I forgot about those brights and uneven highlights that I made during a certain youth prayer or Sunday night services. Each underlined verse holds a memory of God whispering directly into my soul. I forgot about those sweet notes from friends that I can find lovingly tucked deep within the book.
     This morning, I remembered. And the memories fled back to me with each turn of the page. Now I want to encourage you: don't forget that old Bible.

      PS: I totally have nothing against reading your Bible with technology, like on your phone etc. I believe God will speak through His word no matter the means to which one obtains it!

Have a lovely weekend, Sunday and new week :)