Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last night was a great night! It brings joy to my heart to see God working in the youth... This is what I have been praying for ever since I can remember: revival for the youth. Okay, maybe the whole youth is not exactly on close terms with God, but it all starts as a small spark, one person, two people who are passionate for Christ, and then the flame becomes unstoppable :) It still hurts to see those who are lukewarm, and don't think that I'm judging them by calling someone lukewarm, some one could ask: who am I to know their spiritual life? Well Jesus said you will know a tree by it's fruits, so pretty much you can view an individuals relationship with Christ simply by viewing their fruits, or behavior in other terms.

This is the time when I feel like I should desire to read the Word of God, but find it hard because it's easier to do something else. I prayed about changing this, so a yearning would ignite in me to read the Word, like I used to. And I feel God is starting to answer my prayer by encouraging me to read more, the past week I have encountered people who continue to encourage me. I love how God works through people! I actually remember talking to a friend who I gave advice on reading the Word of God, I said- No you are not saved by reading the Bible by any means, in order to attain salvation it don't matter how much times you read it cover to cover, all you need is Jesus Christ. His blood and sacrifice is the only thing that could save you. But you know what's important? You need the Word of God to grow. The seed may be softened and planted, but you need water and nourishment from the Word. Being saved is the most important thing in your life, but the steps after are just as important, the growing, the action of God molding you into a beautiful sculpture through good and bad times. So let me pass the encouragement down to you... Read the Word! Let Him saturate your soul and do this while you are young!!