Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New York City Trip

So many memories...there is much to say about our trip to NYC. It was a learning experience in all ways, and I know everything happened according to God's perfect plan! I learned that even if your patience is tested, you may be frustrated, unsure of what to do, it is all for a reason. I really don't want to be negative in anyway but just so you understand, there were a few problematic predicaments we found ourselves in. Let's just be open here: our ride decided to leave us in NYC and go elsewhere. This left us with a few choices: Go to New Jersey with them, go home with 5 girls in the back, stay at Lenka's house and figure something out, take the train, take the bus, have mom or dad call and yell at driver... lol so many choices! Oy just trying to figure out how to write this down in words is very challenging, because we went through so much in just one weekend. In the end, I had the time of my life! Here are some pictures :)

Igor is thinking about quitting his day job and working in Brighton beach... Good pay, no?

Inna hitting the shopping scene of NYC. This is the ideal photo, something about it.. I think it's just Inna's beauty that perfects this picture :)

Times Square is just amazing, hectic, bright. I love it!

Times Square Church! Always my dream to visit. Thank God my dreams came true! It was a blessing, I think that where God's children are, you feel at home :)

Giggling on the subway aka our favorite place to cool off from the amazingly sauna-like conditions and snap some pictures. 

Practicing the smiling with your eyes look, but subtly crossing the line into the creeper look :P jk

Another really cool picture that is special, probably cuz Inna is in it yet again :D

Beautiful Lesya...
Looking like a true city girl, right? Haha I believe this is the moment Lesya and I went into the subway ourselves for the first time.. Look to my right and notice Lesya nervously laughing and rubbing her forehead vigorously. I had the experience of running in the streets trying to catch a bus, and finding the bus station, having a long ride home next to smelly man and itchy seats... And now it's home sweet home. I can't wait till we visit again.
 Oh and I can't forget the Express fashion show in Times Square!!