Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

 I'm really enjoying this summer... It seems like each year gets better and better.

Time for a photo update!

Gotta say I love this pic! On 4th of July morning we took the family to the farm to pick cherries (Mama, Tuna, Dee and Pushok- Dad is working). One word for fresh cherries: Delicious.

We spent almost 20 bucks on this crate thing of cherries. It's worth every penny! I'm planning on making cherry clafoti tomorrow...

We had a small get together with family at the park... Cuties! This is Jason (bottom) and Olivia (top). They are twins yet are so different from each other in personality and looks.

"Oh the joys of motherhood."
That's the quote I envisioned for this picture... haha.

Fire works at the city :) Had a nice view and lots of fun with a huge group of youth! Good call to come here! Dare I say this starts a new tradition for our youth? ;) Hopefully!