Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Hug From My Love

I was looking through my journal and found this written on March 15, 2011:
"I had a dream that even though I felt messed up, I was one of Your disciples. At one point You stretched Your arms out and I physically felt Your love. I felt it in Your voice and I could see it in Your eyes. You didn't care about what the world thought, You embraced me. It was an enveloping feeling. Your love was tangible, and tears were in Your eyes. Everything about You spoke compassion, love and some deep sorrow, but mostly love. As You embraced me, You embraced the world, it was like a group hug. Thank You! Your love is what fills me, without it I can't imagine my existance, with it I do not fear the future..." 
That was my Jesus dream :)