Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Short Update

Kids Camp is this week so I'm very busy! It's weird not to be home because things keep happening that I am last to find out about. You see, I guess we got a hammock. And I come home today to seeing a black Toyota corolla in the driveway!! :) Kids Camp is coming along very well. Usually I have a major headache especially because of trouble makers, but this has yet to happen this year! I love our class, and by our I mean, Lesya (teacher) and I (helper). I love this year so far because I'm having so much fun with Lesya and with helping out in the plays and singing. I especially love the children, 9-10 year olds are so easy to connect to. They are not like little kids who don't understand everything, yet they are not the "cool" teenagers who like to rebel and be in their awkward stage. It's right in the middle and really enjoyable. God bless the rest of the week!!