Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Crusible of Suffering

I found this book in Tanya's room a few months ago... After reading it I have seen what our great-grandparent- grandparents and even parents when through under Communist persecution. I wish my grandpa were alive so I could talk to him about what he went through when he was imprisoned in Siberia. Anyway I'll show you a quote so you can get a feeling of what this book is like:                                                                                                                          "I have to always keep reminding myself that I am a man with a purpose. I am in God's plan, which means that God leads me and I need to be namely here- in the will of God... It's necessary to go forward. There is a command from heaven- survive! It is essential to live here only by faith, and to be self disciplined in thoughts, words, and deeds..."

I wouldn't say this is the most grammatically correct book (it was translated to English from Russian) but it shows the story of a man who overcame persecution, not by his own will but through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!