Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Adventures of Dee in Restaurantland

I work at a restaurant. They call me "Dee" there. I don't really talk about my work, so this is something new for me. Let us play a guessing game. What am I? A Waitress, hostess, cook, chef, manager, cleaner, toiler unclogger person, cashier, usher who kicks out the drunks, phone call answer-er? Answer: all of the above minus manager. It's not bad, I actually have fun there. Yeah my clothes hold the stench of fried food when I get home, my legs hurt from the 12 hour shift, and the pay is not like the hospital.
But weirdly, maybe sadly, I still like it.
My boss is a lady who is very sweet, I think she is a very good lady deep down in her heart. Here is what she said earlier, she comes into the kitchen and looks at me as if she is about to say something very important: "Now Dee, I don't want to you go be doing cartwheels, but that lady just gave you a 75 cent tip."
And then someone calls and Vitaliy picks up and Vitaliy says: "Hello, this is the psychiatric help line, how may I help you?" A friend was calling, don't worry people, we have caller ID!
Another highlight... It's 10:30 am, and there is the regular drunk guy passed out. To be honest, this does not normally happen! I had to kick him out. I gently tapped him and said sincerely... I think a bed is more comfortable than this wooden tiki about you get home onto a bed and get some rest?
I see sad things every week. People surprise me with their kindness sometimes. I learn about people, I sit with them as they share their complains for the day. I sometimes get a fake call into the kitchen saying someone is calling me, when in fact no one is calling (this only happens when a creeper comes in). I chill with the homeless people, the out of town hockey team, the downright scary, the handicapped, the drunks, the geniuses, the grumpy old farting couple, the smelly, the random group of hot guys who are in a band, the confused, the inspiring. Well I don't chill as much as I serve, there is lots of work to be done! People sometimes haunt me with their empty eyes. Every morning I pray that they see Jesus in me.
So... welcome to the adventures in Restaurantland.