Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing 2011 to an End...

I don't know if you have heard... but 2011 is over. Snap back to reality if you didn't know!
Here are some pictures I took during that last week of December 2011:

Day One: Mission Pilimeni. Mission completed on day two... 1,200 pilimeni made! 

Day 1 (Still): Mission Christmas Tree. Drag trees into gym and then stand in circle talking. 

Day 3: Mission Tablecloth. Iron away girls! (err, guys too)

By now, the days have become a blur... So here we are practicing our dramatic poem reading. Thank you Lesya for containing your British accent!

And then the blur of hanging out, eating out, not sleeping much.

      Day 4: Mission Don't Let Chef Tanya's Nightmare Become a Reality!
Mission Successful. 

Everything went smoothly, had one of the best weeks of my life, and learned a lot.