Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Continued Adventures of Dee in ResturantLand...

It was a slow, uneventful day.

On those kind of days I just liked to peer out the large window and watch the frost creep up the glass and see the snow blow quickly past the building. I started sweeping... then mopping. An ambulance sped noisily by, people passe by, some stopped in looking for a warm place to defrost. As I mopped, I thought.
(Cleaning time is deep thinking time)

This mop... I started to really look at it for the first time.
add some man-made chemicals. Read an article, an advice column, turn to a friend, a relationship, maybe psychology.
 It never works though. Life is still grey, dirty, and stubbornly so.
The answer: a new mop. No, that mop still works perfectly fine. Come on, why get rid of it? Maybe that is like replacing your fleshly desires, dare I say... surrendering. Let go of that raggedy mop.

Die to self. Ouch. Might hurt. But what a better promise is waiting to be unwrapped! When you let go of the old, your past mistakes will no longer leave streaks of grimy dirt on the bare floor of your soul.

Only Jesus Christ is the answer.