Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow Cooking Newb... (Me)

Today, January 19, 2012 is the first time I have tried a slow cooker recipe.
 AHH! So cool.
Let's hope I don't somehow burn the house down.
This slow cooker thing really fascinates me. It cooks so... slow. But it's very quick in the sense of just throwing together all the ingredients and setting the temp, and just leaving the slow cooker to do all the work. I'm making a chicken pot pie type of thing... If it turns out good, I'll share the recipe.

I found the recipe at my dentist's office as I was sitting the the chair patiently waiting for the doc to come on over and check out my toothies, I saw a magazine... not just any magazine... a cooking one. Ohh. I mean how could I resist? I found a slow cooking recipe and *borrowed* it. I ripped it out of the magazine. I'm confessing! Guilty. My dentist office and I have a complicated relationship as you can see. They cause me pain, I steal pages from their magazines.

   Oh look, a picture of the mushrooms that went into the slow cooker.

Anyhow, the house is now filled with the strangely satisfying scent of chicken pot pie slow cooking contraption and banana bread. Lovely.