Monday, January 9, 2012

Cute Thang

I keep finding cute things. This is something I made... Well bought, tweaked and added dried flowers to. I like how it's a cage... Makes me wonder if you can cage in beauty? Deep stuff there.  Try not to break your brains over that one!

Update: Fun weekend! Blessed cell group meeting at Lesya's house. She makes a rockin chili and buffalo chicken wing dip. And today spend quality time with the Kozluk Family +, then triumphantly won a game of Scrabble against (with Anna as my partner) Andrey Suschtik and Berehovskiy (who claimed beforehand that they were unbeatable geniuses). And just now had quality time with our sis Lesya. Thank you Lesya, from the bottom of my heart. For what you may ask? Well just for being you. And thank you followers, for reading!