Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flashback.. McDonald's Days

When my family first came to America we indulged in the fancy, ever so present McDonald's that was located a short walk away. I can just see the cars driving down busy Spencerport Road, glancing at the FOB's walking in their strange brightly colored hats and coats in the middle of May, as if it were December. What? My mom liked to bundle us up! Skvaznak! Lol.

Anyway I remember eating the dollar menu hamburger and only eating half of it before I ran off to the play place.
On the top left picture, that's me. I was surprised when I saw this picture... "Whoa I actually look cute." I always got distracted by the end of the slide, especially when Mama was taking pictures, as you can see from the bottom left picture. That kid hit me in the back. Loser. I was just taking my time thinking about life when this kid had to hit me! Haha
On the top right is Tanya (right) and I (left). This is yet more proof to my case that I may have actually been semi-cute. The opposite of what my family reports.
And below that picture is just typical, older sister drowning little sister in sticky balls which I remember strangely, yet deliciously smelled of maple syrup.

What can I say? My sister and I were very close growing up, and we still are! Even though I may have been her personal slave (without my knowledge), she was still a good older sister who I wanted to grow up to be like. :) Love you Tuna Fish!