Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Up?

So what's been going on with me recently? Nothing really! The weather has been looking better and everyone here in typical high school is wearing shorts and what not... here I am in jeans and a turtleneck.
So what's been on my mind? Lots of stuff! Scholarships, internships, ships. Haha ok, not ships.
How do I feel? My tummy feels weird right now... shouldn't have eaten that uncrustable for breakfast.
What am I listening to? Gungor! DUH! and the sound of typing computers here in the lab.
What's been stuck in my head? Mulan... Mister I'll make a man out of you
Any plans? Getting through these next 7 weeks... This weekend- having an awesome road trip to Mt. Zion. Hopefully it all works out!
What do I have to fess up? I'm still on spring break... it's thursday. The past two days I've been skipping. And I think I had too much cake this week. Take it away!
And I'm in the mood for a nap.
So there it is. That's whats up.
God help me with these next seven weeks!
Have a good day, kids :)