Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know what has been bothering you... Yes, I completly understand. It has been absolutly killing you because you want to see some pictures of me and my friends! Well bad news- my camera is in Cali at the moment, so I recommend you check out my friends blog called "Blessed From Above" she has a superb writing style and just style overall I can say :) She recently posted some pictures of herself and her friends- which in fact are my friends, I'll pretend like she didn't steal them from me :) Hehe. Anyway I love this girl, we in fact are close friends with many similarities and differences... Maybe one day I'll make a post explaining our weird but not unlikely friendship which can be described as a "war head friendship".
So to the millions reading this- check out her blog right now! I may be her blogs number one fan (creepy?) I love reading her new posts and I'm sure you will too!