Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reality Check

After these past few days... today feels like the heavy anchor pulling me down. It's okay though, I don't want to sail into the blue too much, so having a reality check is not bad at all! This weekend was full of fun and great times and getting to know Gods goodness more as each day passed, so I was expecting another amazingly great day because I serve an amazingly great God! Well He does not change, but I constantly do change, and that's totally normal. How did this reality check come about, you ask? Well I had some friends open up to me about their situations at home, their present and past struggles. After hearing about sicknesses, family problems, spiritual matters, and emotional tension going on inside themselves and at home I just feel compassion for them. I want to give them advice and help them somehow! But what can I do? I feel like I'm only capable of joking around, encouraging them and giving them food... But deep inside I know that my prayers will be focused on them. I need to show them Gods love above all, because without that love, there is no point. Another reality check was that I have a good life, though at times I feel like I don't, I in fact, am blessed beyond my comprehension! My life is very normal and healthy compared to my friend's lives. So I am thankful because God has opened my eyes to how hard it can be for some people. God brings us through tough times in order to teach us, discipline us, rain His mercy upon us, and most of all to show His love towards us. So thank You God!