Monday, April 11, 2011

If I Were Queen

Sometimes I day-dream about how life had I become a queen... Would I possess all the riches in the world? Oh yeah... That would be quite nice come to think of it. No more working for my family, or my friends, in fact no more working for my friends' families.. and their friends! That's alot of not working... That is pretty much my thought process, that and dreams of castles and islands and fun things to do and more castles...
Then my thought process comes to a hault and I determine: "Wow, what a selfish person I am!" How could I be dreaming of luxury while ignoring those hungry chidren in Africa and homeless families in the big cities and the sick people in the hospital? The list goes on and on for those who are in need.
People only thinking of their own selfish desires is what corrupts a government, and here I am dreaming of following those same footsteps. Oh miserable person that I am! If I were Queen, I'd try to give the job to someone more deserving. Then I would make a list of things to change in the world starting with things like:
-Hunger is forever abolished!-Health care is universal and free-Missionaries are fully funded to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth!-Food we eat must be natural and healthy but yummy-People have a limit on time wasting machienes (tv, computer)-Environmentally friendly cars for everyone-No more coral reef bleaching or poluttion allowed
And then yet another thought comes to mind... This Queen stuff is giving me a headache, I should get back to doing my homework. I already have the ability to change the world- it starts here. I have to take it little by little, step by step...