Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Here I Come!

Yesterday I finally got my camera back! So I have been taking some pics around the house, especially because we are getting the downstairs painted right now and in the future I want to compare the before and after pictures.

 This is just me. Interesting fact: I just started wearing mascara a few weeks ago. I'm a dork, I know. And the shirt I'm wearing is from the Guess outlet store and I bought it for $11! Ever since that deal, I've taken a liking to Guess :)
This picture is just typical: me playing with (torturing) my doggie Pushok. He doesn't look very happy here probably because he has other more important things to do. Oh... wow. Maybe I should crop this picture? Pushok is kinda... lol. Maybe I'll edit it later.
And this is Pushok again. Please don't hate on me because I take pictures of my dog. What do you expect? There are no children in this household! Who else could I take pictures of? Haha

Moving on... today I'm planning on going to an Easter play at a nearby church so I'm excited to get out of the house and experience something new. Well it is officially spring break! I have a schedule written out for things for me to do this week, because I'm not one to sit around and be lazy... I need to get things done! Woohoo. Most likely I will do something fun, but I'm not 100 percent sure yet because I don't want to get my hopes up too much and then end up being disappointed... We will see. Anyway tata for now!