Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Times

I'm not ashamed to say I went to the movies yesterday and I absolutely loved it! "Tangled" is hilarious and I have a small feeling that my sister, Tanya and I enjoyed it the most out of all our friends. Haha it's probably because we laugh at the same (sometimes stupid) stuff. I liked that Rapunzel was one strong chick, and one friend commented during the movie "She's teaching little girls to be strong and rebel." I enjoyed seeing a movie that teaches of opposite of what we have heard growing up. Rapunzel didn't need a hero, she needed help of course but she was strong-willed and was able to be her own heroine! Awesome job Disney on making a movie that has a good meaning and is quite entertaining to a group of young adults! :)

We proceeded to Great Northern Pizza Kitchen and I was excited to see the sign that said "Buy one slice get one free for college students." Woohoo! I love saving money unexpectedly! One slice could be around $2-$4 so the free slice was greatly appreciated.
We still had energy so we stopped by DSW because Tanya had two ten dollar off coupons. I was not too excited to go there to be honest... because I'm not a shoe-crazy kind of girl (unlike some of my friends tehehe). I like shoes, but for me, they are not a big deal. But I looked into the clearance section (I'm not shy, I go to that section first!) Haha, and I was not looking to buy anything but I was wearing skinny jeans so I took off my sneakers and put on the first shoes I saw, because I felt like seeing how skinny jeans + heels look. Turned out they were $28 and after the coupon $18. Yay! My sister, who has a kind heart, payed for me by the way :) It was very nice of her. Anyway I'm off to enjoy the nice weather and play some tennis! Bye Bye for now!