Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Good Times

Yesterday was full of fun! I was actually sitting on the bus today and I was thinking about yesterday’s events and laughed out loud like an creepy individual. It was quite embarrassing. Anyway, yesterday was the best day of the month... Open Door Mission day! Natalya was blonde and picked us up an hour early so we used our time to our best ability and tried to see the fire that was on Long Pond road, it was a fail so we just went to Tim Horton’s. When we finally made it to ODM we had to wear our very trendy hair nets which proved to provide us with very high fashion, silly cell phone pictures. (As you can see Tanya and Natalya with fierceness above) Haha. I love serving the food and singing there!

Afterwards we went to our cousin, Vova's house and had a cool camp fire in the back yard. We got to grill hot dogs and smores over the fire! Yummy! Alesya made buffalo chicken wing dip which was delicious, and I thought it was quite funny when Tanya was confused as to what kind of meat was in the dip... Umm... Chicken. Haha. Are we related? Just kidding I love that girl, she's my BFF. After one too many colas (blame the cola) we were very excited and started to take pictures on Alesya's computer. I have not laughed so hard in a while, and I was especially experiencing laughter pain on account of my 21 pushups and 40 sit ups in gym fitness testing. My favorite moment of yesterday was the quote "Good night folks" and my mother complaining that my hair smells like camp fire. Well I should get back to work; I'm actually in school right now. Have a blessed day!