Monday, April 18, 2011

Pet Peeves

So I had this random idea yesterday to read my diary... From 2004. I was twelve years old. I can't believe the things that I wrote in there. BEYOND embarrassing. I'll share some quotes one day if I'm brave enough. Let's just say THANK YOU GOD that I'm not like that any more! Brain development must occur during the ages of 14-18. Haha. So last night I was thinking of something to post and I thought maybe you would like to know what my pet peeves are. You know, so you won't do them and maybe I'll end up liking you more! Lol, Besides that point I want to look back one day in the future and see if I still think the same way (and if the process of brain development continues after the age of 18) So these are some things that bother me in their own special little ways:
-When someone is late. They say "I'll be there in 5 minutes"... they stroll in 30 minutes later.
-Sending a text message to someone and not getting a reply until 2 hours later, I have to look back and remember what the heck I said first. Haha
-When someone writes "lol" when they obviously did not just laugh out loud. I do this alot.
-People texting in church. Ok... I know what your thinking- Dee does it all the time! Well yeah, I can do it, just not you! Forgive me for being so odd. I’m a hypocrite :/
-I don't like having the last word. For example if I say good night, you say good night and I don't say anything after that. Doing this makes me feel in control. When I text Igor, he ruins this for me :P
-Taking to someone and knowing they are not listening.
-Picking up dog poop. Gotta do it though.
-Drinking liquid medicine. I'd rather be sick than drink that foul substance!
-Repeating a conversation.
-People who are too competitive, it's just a game!
-Stinky breath. My greatest fear is to have this.
-Moist, limp hand shakes. *shiver* ew creepy.
-Hearing others complain.
-Lack of eye contact during a conversation.
-Knowing someone is using you.
-Toilet paper lip thing on the outside. It's supposed to be on the inside!! :)
-Mean jokes (racist jokes, drug jokes, handicapped people jokes)
-Girls (who are gorgeous, skinny sticks) saying they are fat and ugly. YOU ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! What’s wrong with you!?!?
-People who want to know everything.

That’s quite a list. Forgive me if anything was offending! And you probably agree with me on most things! Hope you enjoyed my deep thoughts on things that annoy me, now memorize this list and refrain from doing these things around me! Just Kidding, I'm a victim of my own pet peeves, I need to work on not doing these things myself! Have a good Monday folks!